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Apologies, but there will be no answer this weekend; it’s finals week for me! I’ll probably be back next weekend. Best of luck to all of you who are also in the throes of finals!

"I could go on."


"I don’t have any particular favourites, but sometimes Sam will let me listen to songs on his phone."

"Sam Winchester is my friend."

[[camera by cleardye, co-starring Mindy, and a bonus gif underneath]]


"I can see how deeply they affected the Winchesters."

"His wife told him it brought out his eyes."

"Dean gives especially good hugs."




"The porcelain god remains elusive, and unresponsive."

[ camerawork by chirubian ]

ooc: NYCC or bust!!

Hello, lovely people! I’ll be at NYCC this Saturday, wowie!I won’t be there as Castiel, but I’d love to meet any of you who might be in the area! Feel free to message me about potential meet-ups.

There will not be a missed answer the upcoming weekend because I have a couple still backlogged; I saved a special one for this week.

Cheers, and hope to see you in New York!